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Light Bombing…

August 4, 2006

light bombing?.. sounds like a new funky word for a light fart or something… sheesh..

but honestly, i think this is a neat idea… needs a lot of work to take off in that sense.. but interesting none the less… will post a scan of a couple of ‘sketches’… more like doodles actually in a couple of hours..

i wonder if it’ll work…


An Eye opener

July 23, 2006

ICE CREAM!!!“if there is shit all around me, how i can i have my ice cream”

– S. Balaram

though it sounds rather funny and stupid, this one¬†excerptfrom Balaram’s speech really got me thinking… He really did make a lot of sense. the trip back to yelahanka i guess was worth it after all… I have to get a copy of “Thinking Design”.



July 20, 2006

hmmm been a really long time since i’ve posted…

have to admit… intersections wasn’t ‘that’ bad… sitting there, i realized what and how powerfull a ‘space’ can be… it either being a physical or a digital one… i should start posting more regularly i think…i seem to have wasted this blog… will think of topics as i go along…

also have been thinking of jazzing up the introductory page on my website to include this wordpress blog… some issues on that count though… the script my site runs seems to have some major bugs… need to rectify that… will get on it ASAP…




April 14, 2006

for some reason spam really pisses me off… spam in my mail was okay but when these f!@$!#@! actually leave stupid spam links on my blog it annoys the crap out of me..

what has this world come to????

LAY OFF MY BLOG!!!.. sheesh!!!



March 24, 2006

grrrr…. i hate the sound of this final project… have enough and more work already!!!! seriously lame in my opinion…

oh well as goes life… will have to cook up something to keep good ol’ capt ramesh happy…

thats all its come down to… i exist to work. my work goes to ramesh. ramesh doesn’t like my work…. why work at all?

just waiting for core skills…

*had uploaded a picture but the stupid host seems to have deleted it… grrrr



March 7, 2006

hmmm dunno why but just thought of this blog after so long!!!! good god!

anyways life goes on…

college is ‘grey’… the bus is ‘grey’… the people are ‘grey’… life has no meaning…
having urges to just stand up and holler!…



Nice one…

January 5, 2006

Alone in a large dark house.

Godamned. Powercut.

Its two in the morning.

Trapped in this darkness,

I sit, listening.

Distant trains lurch on frail tracks.

A siren laments.

On the national highway

A train strains and shudders

Against its own weight.

Objects have still life,

A permanence and consistency

That stands in contrast

To the fickleness of

Human exchange.

Look at objects and

they look back

without blinking.

I look at objects

And they look back at me.

They say

Reveal us

And we will reveal you.