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aah! the free day…

January 16, 2006

it seems like a a person can get the greatest joy when he or she for some reason finds a free day to kill…

did so many things that i didn’t think i wanted to do… missing the nardy bus was a boon


The year to come…

December 27, 2005

WARNING: Some of these predictions may never come true… depends solely on your luck!

DAGA: Daga and Harsh tie the knot but just 4 hours down the line, Harsh loses his mind and is admitted to a mental asylum where he spends the rest of his life… (In case your reading no hard feelings buddy! Knowing Daga the possibilities are endless!)

DEE: Dee takes a reality check and comes to realize that all the secret fan mail she has been sending Eminem was intercepted and is shortly going to be published on this blog… Very romantic stuff if I do say so myself!… Does swami know about this???

SANDY: Sandy collaborates with yours truly and becomes a 50% partner in the srishti drug trade where a few chosen “busies? smuggle fresh “maal? into srishti in their over stuffed tiffin boxes… Chai kare is unanimously chosen to be the new headquarters of the firm.

NAINI: What can I say!… Naini revolutionises the coconut industry by introducing a new way of measuring the girth of coconuts… Turns her business into a multi million coconut tycoon like empire… It is rumoured she prefers to climb her own trees and pick her own coconuts.

POLO!: Last but not least! POLO! She finally gets a boy friend but after getting a whiff of the infamous “maal? from the chai kare, she suddenly turns to a life of drugs… she kicks herself at least twice a day for not having done this kind of stuff before… (I’m kidding!)


Stupid Cat…

December 25, 2005

annoying cat


don’t you just want to kill it????


Vacation time!…

December 24, 2005

I have been thinking about making a list of things to do… just to lazy to do it though… shit I don’t believe I’m that lazy… hmmm might as well make it right now…

1. do something creative (hmmm… that’s pretty general)

2. clean up room(s) and arrange cd’s

3. find missing cd’s







10. find more things to do and fill up the above blanks…



December 22, 2005

the photoblogging feature is still not up!!!… how do i manage this???? anyone out there with any ideas?… i want to post a couple of pics but can’t seem to upload to an external source…