Nice one…

January 5, 2006

Alone in a large dark house.

Godamned. Powercut.

Its two in the morning.

Trapped in this darkness,

I sit, listening.

Distant trains lurch on frail tracks.

A siren laments.

On the national highway

A train strains and shudders

Against its own weight.

Objects have still life,

A permanence and consistency

That stands in contrast

To the fickleness of

Human exchange.

Look at objects and

they look back

without blinking.

I look at objects

And they look back at me.

They say

Reveal us

And we will reveal you.


So sick…

January 3, 2006

hmmm… less than a week away from the NID test… ‘will i get in or will i not’… i wonder… am i the only one who is anxious or are the other people out there as anxious as me… i wonder…


In recent days…

January 1, 2006

I don’t know but in recent days I have really been missing boarding school… the taste of half cooked rice sautéed with ketchup and soya sauce, the invigorating smell of cheap cigarettes wafting through from the neighbouring dorm, the stinging feel of hot water flowing down you knowing that the outside temperature must practically be minus something, the sweet hot taste of the beef steak at silver inn… god…

I miss it…



For some reason….

December 30, 2005

Maybe its just me but for some reason, this looks a lot like dhanyaa to me… Not that great a photoshop job though… whoever did this over-did the warp… the curtain in the background gives it away…





The BIG Question…

December 29, 2005

This is something i think that most people have asked themselves and have maybe found an answer to… “Am i content now? and if no then when will i be?”… i honestly believe that at this point in time i go to a decent college, have decent friends and have decent things to look forward to (NEW LAPTOP! MU HA HA!)… Srishti is a really nice place but then again, NID does have a LOT (stress on that!) more to offer.

I know its always good to have a couple of doors open like say if Srishti was destroyed in a flash flood tomorrow, having a seat in  NID would be a ‘boon’ but then again,… the chances of a flood are pretty slim… hmmm… i think i ought to give the test and get through though… then i could gloat and at the same time, stay in Srishti and walk around with my nose held up higher than usual… I expect to see poonam near the NID test hall… her son is giving the test too.

sounds like a plan?! 


Just a passing thought…

December 28, 2005

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 This is just a passing thought but has anyone else noticed that a nard like rajni kanth can get away with practically anything???… Being from a boarding school like kodi, I had to dedicate at least one post on my blog to this ‘nard’ man… have to admit that he has stumbled upon the biggest scam ever though… he over-does practically everything in his movies and yet people worship him. Literally!… whether it be lighting a cigarette with an ak47 or jumping off a cliff without a parachute, he does it all flawlessly… and people actually love him for it…


I can’t help but wonder WHAT’S WRONG WITH THEM???


I think I have figured it out though… he’s one of those people who are just sooo bad that they’re good… I don’t know if I’m making sense… he actually is a beacon of hope though… if I ever do flunk out of srishti, I could still try and be bad film maker and the process, be good!… reality what a concept!?!




December 28, 2005

I just remembered I am going to have to cook up some stuff for Ranjan De’s assessment in Jan… God I wish I had preserved the little bit of work that I had actually done… desperate measures for desperate time’s I guess… I will have to find creative ways to get my work done… J